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And they die in the same exact way, too. The killer is none other than the infamous serial killer, Elizabeth Bathory, who haunts the game. I guess I won't tell you how or why she haunts the game, not that it should matter to anyone, because if you take my advice; "Stay Alive" isn't a good enough horror movie for you to want to see it. I bet a few ears perked up when I mentioned Adam Goldberg's name. He's a talent who I'd like to see in more films, or at least more films than he typically cares to be in.

I remember seeing him in "Dazed and Confused" not long ago, and there he was good. Here, he is not. The problem with Goldberg, in particular, is that in "Stay Alive", he is merely amusing, and never truly "good". In a sense, he is no better than the film's more decent scenes; which are also merely amusing, and never truly good. Director William Brent Bell must think he's a sly genius for making this film. He must think that he has crafted a truly scary, creepy, and intelligent tale of virtual terror.

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The trouble with films about spirits, or ghosts if you may, is that you have to have sympathy for both your ghouls and your humans, although this film doesn't seem to care much about either. Anyways, moving on.

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Horror movies often have more stylistic venues than most films of any other genre would have. This one looks decent, but something about the style, for me, spells out the word of "bland". At best, this is glorified camp that never lives up to what is expected of it.

It is lame, derivative, and all-together rather unoriginal. It is not well-acted; just as it is not well-made. I can't say I was disappointed, but when the best thing you can say about a horror flick is that stoners might enjoy it, you're in trouble.

Even killers deserve solid films made about them. Elizabeth Bathory has yet to get hers.

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Ryan M Super Reviewer. Jan 30, It's so bad it's good. Really entertaining. Frankie Muniz!

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Grade: B-. Matt G Super Reviewer. Dec 02, Andreia C Super Reviewer. Jan 13, It's enjoyable, but when your watching it, you know that it's a bad movie! KJ P Super Reviewer. See all Audience reviews. Swink: Bitch!

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The Terror. The Deuce. Country Music. A Very Brady Renovation. No Score Yet. Below Deck Mediterranean. Team Kaylie. The Voice. The Neighborhood. Bob Hearts Abishola. The I-Land. The Spy. Also, follow all fire prevention rules, and never smoke outside of designated areas. So, of course, never use a cell phone or text while operating machinery or moving around a transfer station, and do not scavenge anything from the waste.

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Show your commitment to safety and have a banner displayed on this page. For more information, email swanamarketing swana. Solid waste collection is the 5th most dangerous job in the United States. Are you the right person for the task?

Maintain situational awareness. Your task is to survive and find out the cause of your ship's tragic events.

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About This Game Life on earth is in danger. A research team has been sent into outer space to explore new habitable worlds where humans can start a new life. Near an unknown planet the research ship falls out of hyperspace. All controls and sensors have failed leaving the vessel dead in space. You have no choice but abandon ship in an escape pod. The entire surface of the unknown oceanic planet is frozen.

Upon impact the escape pod managed to break through the ice cap. System Requirements Windows. See all. Customer reviews. Overall Reviews:. Recent Reviews:. Review Type.